Introducing EPCs & the Green Deal


The new Green Deal means that you, the home owner or tenant, will now be able to benefit from energy efficiency improvements on your home without having to find the cash up front. It’s great news if you have been thinking about getting that new boiler installed but you’re worried about the initial costs.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, the first step is to arrange for an Energy Performance Certificate or EPC as they are also known, this is a full property assessment carried out by an independent, accredited advisor.

The EPC assesses the energy performance of your home and highlights any specific measures, (e.g. insulation, new heating controls and condensing boilers) which may be covered under the Green Deal to improve the performance. The main role of the EPC is to determine if the predicted savings made by energy efficiency improvements to your home will be equal or greater than the installation cost of these improvements – this is the “Golden Rule” at the core of the Green Deal finance scheme.


The ‘golden rule’ of Green Deal is in place to ensure that you benefit from cost efficient, energy efficient homes or workplaces. If you meet the EPC standards then the installation cost of your energy efficiency improvements will be funded upfront by the Green Deal and recouped by the savings made from the increased energy efficiency, in clearly set out instalments attached to your electricity bill and spread out over a number of years.


Before any work starts on your home a comprehensive quote will be provided, clearly breaking down the total cost of energy efficiency installations for your property, the size of repayment instalments attached to electricity bill, and the estimated length of the repayment period.


This entire process is supervised by the independent, accredited advisor that surveyed your property for the EPC and the work will only be financed if it is carried out by approved Green Deal installers – like us!


Green Deal Finance is available to both homeowners and tenants but written consent from the bill payer and anyone who has an interest in the property (including landlords and freeholders) will be required before the improvement measures are installed.


So, if you would like to find out more about applying for the Green Deal, call our Energy experts on: 0117 905 9865

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