Landlords, are you ready for the new EPC regulations?

As of 1st April 2018, the new Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) regulations for landlords will come into place. The minimum energy efficiency standards are changing meaning that properties let out by landlords with below ‘E’ for energy performance rating will be classed as substandard and will need some improvements. The new regulations are set to… Read More

Gregor Gives “Back to the Green”

Longwell Green Community Centre is running a unique DIY SOS-style campaign to revamp the self-funded 1950s building. The initiative, called “Give Back to the Green”, calls on residents and local businesses to get on board by donating time and resources to help deliver the makeover. The aim is give the centre a modern look so… Read More

Helping a sustainable boat keep its heating temperature under control

It’s a common misconception that boats are eco-friendly. The reality is that the engines burn diesel, stoves use coal and their toilets often use chemicals with dire warnings on the packaging. When Nick Clack and Ali Roberts decided to live on a boat, they wanted to build one that was as environmentally sustainable as possible…. Read More