Gregor Community Fund

Applications for 2015 are now closed. Information about applications for 2016 to be announced on this page and via Facebook soon. Thank you for your interest.

Every year we set aside an amount – the Gregor Community Fund – to help fund not-for-profit projects that benefit the local communities of Bristol and Bath. Single grants of up to £500 from this fund are potentially available to individuals and  organisations that satisfy the application criteria below.

If you would like to apply for a grant and think that you satisfy the application criteria write to us at Gregor Heating, Electrical & Renewable Energy, 1 Willcock House, Southway Drive, Warmley, Bristol, BS30 5LW. Alternatively you can email us at  [email protected].

Your application should be headed GREGOR COMMUNITY FUND and should clearly show how your project will directly benefit your local community. Any grant will be solely at our discretion and not all applications will be successful. Successful applicants will be notified in writing.

Application criteria

You must be based in the Bristol and Bath area.

You must not have already received a grant in the last 2 years.

You must be able to show that your project will directly benefit your local community.

You must be able to evidence the feasibility of your project.

E.g. be able to provide supporting documentation / licences / council permits and similar

You must be happy to report back on the progress / success of your project

Unfortunately the Gregor Community Fund  cannot support religious organisations that are seeking to proselytise or whose beneficiaries are of a particular faith.