Green Deal and ECO

Green Deal

[Last updated 6 November 2013]

The Green Deal is a government scheme that helps you finance the up-front cost of energy-efficiency improvements to your home. It is open to owner occupiers, residential landlords and tenants and can work alongside other schemes such as the Feed-in Tariff and DRHI schemes.

Finance is available in the form of an interest bearing loan (not a grant) to help meet the cost of qualifying energy-efficiency improvements agreed with a Green Deal Provider. Any loan is repayable through your electricity bill and attaches itself to the property, remaining with it should you move.

The scheme features a number consumer safeguards and the ‘golden rule’ is that a loan ideally should only be agreed to fund improvements the cost of which are outweighed by the likely resulting savings to a household’s energy bill.

Further information on the Green Deal.

Energy Company Obligation (‘ECO’)

[Last updated 6 November 2013]

The Energy Company Obligation is a government scheme that has the effect of offering grants to those looking to make energy-efficiency improvements to their homes. It is aimed primarily at low income and vulnerable households and at those with harder-to-improve homes who find that improvements cannot be fully funded through the Green Deal.

Further information on ECO.