Home Security and Smart Cameras in Bristol & Bath

Do you want to be notified when your loved ones are at home, check your kids have arrived back from school, or check on your pet?

We specialise in smart home security systems and stand-alone cameras, and particularly recommend the Netatmo Presence outdoor security camera system and the complementary Netatmo Welcome indoor security camera with face recognition.

Trust Gregor for all your home security and commercial and domestic security camera installation needs!

Benefits of the Netatmo Presence Security Camera System

  • Netatmo’s outdoor security cameras come with infra-red night vision, so they can discreetly monitor the periphery of your home in complete darkness.
  • The Netatmo Presence detects and instantly alerts you to any movement within your grounds, such as a car entering your drive or a stranger loitering around your house.
  • Even if you are not in your home at the time, the Presence system can deliver you alerts and even live-streamed video footage through your mobile device.
  • Each camera also comes with smart floodlights that can be set to switch on only when movement of a particular type is detected if wished.
  • Rugged, weatherproof build quality and dirt-resistant coating.

Benefits of the Netatmo Welcome Indoor Security Camera

  • Netatmo’s indoor security camera uses advanced facial recognition technology to detect human intruders while ignoring the familiar faces of you and your family, pets, and other innocent causes of motion. This artificial intelligence sets it apart from conventional motion detectors, dramatically reducing the incidence of false positives and consequently sparing you a lot of inconvenience.
  • No matter where you are at the time, the Netatmo Welcome will send an alert to your smartphone, together with a picture of the face detected and a video recording showing the actual movements of the individual in view of the camera.
  • The video recording captured by Welcome can be stored automatically on your personal Dropbox cloud as well as on the included internal microSD card, and saved as evidence to present before police, assisting in the identification and prosecution of burglars.
  • If you actually want to check on the movements of your pets, you can opt in to pet alerts.
  • Also comes with a built-in microphone and alarm sound detection technology. If it hears any kind of an alarm, it sends an alert to your smartphone and records a video.
  • Comes with an app for your smartphone that allows you to monitor the live video stream from any device whenever you want, even while the camera is not recording.
  • Just like the Presence, the Welcome has built-in infrared night vision, so it can capture clear video of intruders operating under cover of darkness.
  • The camera has a 130º field of view and records in full HD (1080p) quality, giving you much higher-quality video than conventional CCTV cameras.
  • Easy to install and operate – no wall-mounting required: it will sit upright on a table, and it is designed to be pointed at the entrance door to your property from within it.
  • The camera’s inconspicuous, sleek tabletop profile and stylish colour scheme blends in harmoniously with your home furnishings and reduces the chance that intruders will realise they are being filmed before they show their faces.

Emergency Security Lighting Installed in Bristol & Bath

Gregor can also advise on and install emergency lighting and outdoor security lighting such as external floodlights and door lights that activate when they detect the presence of a large moving object such as a person. We especially recommend the JCC Niteflood high-output LED floodlight and Eterna external lighting.

Benefits of the JCC Niteflood

  • High-output LED floodlight gives plenty of bright light around your home or commercial premises, making you feel more secure from potential intruders lurking in the shadows, and deterring them from even approaching.
  • Available in 15W, 30W and ultra-bright 50W models, giving you up to 4000 lumens of illumination.
  • LED floodlights have a very long life and do not need their bulbs periodically replaced, eliminating maintenance costs and downtime. The JCC Niteflood is rated to retain 70% of its light power after 50,000 hours’ use.
  • Highly energy-efficient technology, saving you over 90% on the electrical consumption costs of conventional halogen floodlights providing the equivalent level of brightness.
  • Starts up instantly, with no warm-up time needed, unlike conventional low-energy floodlights
  • Manufactured with toughened glass to resist vandalism
  • Certified IP65 weather-resistant, with an anti-corrosive finish
  • Versatile multi-directional mounting bracket supplied with 30W and 50W models.
  • Optional PIR sensor for 15W model uses infrared light to detect motion in a targeted 120º area such as the doorway of your home or premises, and is effective to a distance of 8 metres.

Wide Range of Eterna External Lighting

Eterna Lighting makes low-energy LED lighting in many different designs and for applications both inside and outside the home. Gregor can supply and fit a wide range of Eterna lights for external use. For full details, see the Eterna Floodlighting and Garden and Wall Lighting product ranges on the manufacturer’s website.

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