Home Electric Vehicle Chargers

Home Electric Vehicle Chargers

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What Electric Vehicle Chargers Does Gregor Supply?

At Gregor Heating, we only work with leading manufacturers, and that’s why our preferred brands for supply and installing specialised chargers are:

    • Zappi
    • ROLEC
    • Solar Edge
    • Tesla

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Zappi Electric Vehicle Charger

The Zappi charger is recommended if you also have a renewable energy system at home. In eco and eco+ modes, it uses spare solar or wind energy to recharge your electric vehicle. Its charging power is continuously modified in response to changes in the amount of electricity being generated and the amount currently demanded by other electrical devices in the home. It also works as a standard FAST electric charger in fast mode, and can be programmed with a timer to only take mains electricity at economy tariff times if wished.

For full details of how the system works, please download the product brochure, datasheet and manual below. Zappi EV brochure Zappi EV datasheet Zappi EV manual

ROLEC Electric Vehicle Chargers

ROLEC produces chargers for both domestic and commercial applications. For home use, the WallPod range of electric vehicle chargers is available in a wide variety of cofigurations to suit all needs. These include the WallPod: EV, WallPod: EV Home Smart, WallPod: EV MultiMode and WallPod: EV SolarCharge. The WallPod: EV is the entry-level unit, designed to offer FAST charging to all available electric vehicles. The WallPod: EV MultiMode gives a choice of 3.6kW or 7.2kW charging and adds an IP65-rated 13 amp domestic socket. The WallPod: EV Home Smart adds full control and monitoring from a mobile phone. The WallPod: EV SolarCharge is designed for integration with solar panels, and gives a choice of charging by solar only or solar and grid combined. For property developers and builders, the WallPod: EV Ready provides basic (Mode 2) 2kW vehicle charging capability (upgradeable to FAST charging) to meet planning regulations.

Solar Edge Electric Vehicle Chargers

Solar Edge produces a specialised DC car charger that allows you to recharge your electric car battery directly from your solar panels. Gregor is a Solar Edge accredited installer. The Solar Edge charger integrates a solar inverter, available in 3.68kW, 4kW, 5kW and 6kW power output models (SE3680H, SE4000H, SE5000H and SE6000H respectively). It is compatible with all types of electric vehicle and comes with a minimum 12-year warranty. The energy output from your solar panels can be flexibly combined with grid energy to achieve a maximum charge current of 32 amperes at 7.4kW of power. At full power, this considerably speeds up the charging of compatible vehicles compared with grid-only. A downloadable mobile app designed for use with the product allows you to control and track your consumption of solar pholtovoltaic and grid energy, as well as the amount used to charge your electric vehicle. You can even schedule the device’s use of grid energy to restrict it to off-peak hours. For full details about the Solar Edge Electric Vehicle Charger, please download below the product flyer, brochure, datasheet, manual, quick guide (including charging instructions), and notes on charging and scheduling options using the app. Solar Edge EV flyer Solar Edge EV brochure Solar Edge EV datasheet Solar Edge EV manual Solar Edge EV quick guide with charging instructions Solar Edge EV charging and scheduling options with app

Other Resources

There is much valuable information on the website of the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) of the UK government here, including information on government grants available towards the cost of new electric vehicles: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/office-for-low-emission-vehicles

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