Electrical Home Solutions in Bristol and Bath

Electrical Home Solutions by Gregor

Do you need a hand with a damaged socket or a new light fitting?

Want a smoke alarm fitted, an electric cooker wired up, or an outside power supply installed?

Gregor have the know-how to do these and all manner of small electrical jobs around the home! We even do smoke alarms and emergency and outdoor lighting installations!

Working throughout the greater Bristol and Bath region, we also offer good value for money, even on the smallest jobs!

Using our registered electricians will save you time and hassle, and we ensure that our work is carried out in accordance with relevant industry standards, including Part P of the building regulations.

Socket Replacements and Upgrades

We can repair, replace or upgrade your electrical sockets. For example:

  • Socket expanders fitted, e.g. single and double sockets upgraded to triple
  • Sockets with built-in USB connectors fitted in place of ones without
  • New sockets fitted where you need them

Lighting and Light Switches

Gregor electricians can upgrade your recessed downlights or spotlights from halogen to energy-saving L.E.D. lamps.

There are several benefits to changing to L.E.D. technology:

  • Energy efficiency – L.E.D. lighting is especially energy-efficient, producing a high level of luminescence (light output) from a very low level of electrical power (wattage). In fact, today’s L.E.D. lights run at about 80% efficiency, compared with 20% for halogen. This adds up to significant long-term savings on your electricity consumption.
  • Safety – Halogen lighting, including standard recessed downlights, can run very hot, creating a risk of damage or even fire to connected cables and fittings
  • Colour protection – Halogen lights give off significant levels of infrared and ultraviolet radiation, which can degrade the colours in artwork, book bindings and decorations exposed to it. LED lights however produce negligible levels of IR and UV
  • Shatter-resistance – Halogen bulbs can malfunction or shatter when exposed to natural skin oils. LED bulbs are shatterproof and shock-resistant
  • Durability – LED bulbs last up to 50,000 hours, whereas halogen lights typically last less than 4,000 hours.

We can also upgrade your strip lights from conventional fluorescent tubes to L.E.D. strip lights, replace your light switches and pendant fittings when needed.

If you want to find out more about these lights, see our dedicated low-energy lighting page.

Outside Power Supplies

Today’s homes commonly need external power sources as well as internal ones. Whether it’s for your garage electrics, your electric lawnmower or your power tools in the shed, we have an outside power supply solution for you!

New Cooker Installations

Have you just bought a new cooker? Or have you just moved house and need your cooker reinstalled?

Call Gregor today, and we’ll arrange for one of our qualified electricians to professionally carry out the electrical installation of your cooker.

Gregor Domestic Electrical Services

Whatever your needs for domestic electrical work, Gregor can help you switch on to safe electrics in your home! Our prices are competitive, and we will be happy to provide a free no-obligation quote for any work.

Call Gregor on 0117 935 2400 to chat with one of our qualified electricians.