Electricity Storage Solutions

Electricity Storage Solutions

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Solar Energy Storage Solutions

Do you generate your own renewable energy from solar panels?

If so, you are probably aware that renewable power generated at times of day when you are not using it and any other surplus is simply fed back into the grid, while at other times of day and night when your household needs more power, it is likely that not enough is being generated to meet your needs.

There are various solutions for capturing and storing the solar photovoltaic energy you generate in your home, including hot water storage and battery storage, but battery storage tends to be the more flexible solution because it can be used for electricity supply or heating, whereas energy stored as hot water can only be used for water heating, and then only while it remains hot!

The more you use your Solar PV system to satisfy your own demand for electricity, the better off you are.

However, without some form of storage solution, your ability to do this is limited. This is because your demand for electricity may not match your production of electricity, and any electricity generated by your Solar PV system that is not immediately used goes straight to the grid.

In response to this, a number of storage solutions have been developed; and we are now an accredited installer of the Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery.

We are also a Registered Installer of a thermal storage solution for solar photovoltaic energy called Sunamp.

If you are interested in either of these products or would like to know what the best energy storage solutions are for your property, don’t delay, call Gregor today on 0117 935 2400 and ask to speak to our Renewables team!

Further information on how to make the most out of your Solar PV system is available from the Energy Saving Trust.