Electricity Storage Solutions

The more you use your Solar PV system to satisfy your own demand for electricity the better off you are as the Export Tariff you receive for each kWh of electricity that you export to the grid is less than the cost of buying-in a kWH of electricity from a 3rd party supplier.

However, without some form of storage solution, your ability to do this is limited. This is because your demand for electricity may not match your production of electricity, and any electricity generated by your Solar PV system that is not immediately used goes straight to the grid.

In response to this a number of storage solutions have been developed and we are now an accredited installer of Powerflow Energy Storage products. Further information on how to make the most out of your Solar PV system is available from the Energy Saving Trust.

Powerflow Sundial Battery Storage System

Powerflow’s Sundial modular system allows you to store excess electricity produced by your Solar PV System in wall-mounted batteries. Batteries are reported as being 90%+ efficient with a 1.5 kWh capacity and an expected life of 10 years and 6,000 cycles.

Two batteries are normally recommended for a medium sized domestic installation. A Sundial system is quick and easy to install and its only connection is to your AC distribution system making it compatible with any new and existing system. There is no need to replace your existing solar inverter.

Unlike many competitor systems, the Sundial system has the advantage of letting you access stored electricity as and when you need it significantly boosting efficiency. Many other systems are unable to work at the same time as the Solar PV System limiting when you can access your stored energy.

ERB Powerflow Sundial Battery

Powerflow Energy Recovery System

Powerflow’s Energy Recover System (ERS) is aimed at households with a standard hot water cylinder and an immersion heater. It effectively allows excess electricity generated by your Solar PV System to be stored as hot water by clever management of your immersion heating element.

The ERS is easy to use, quick to install and easy to understand. It can be retro-fitted, or integrated within a new system at the time of installation. The diagram below shows how a PowerFlow Energy Recovery System might be integrated into an existing hot water system.

Powerflow Energy Recovery System