Smoke Alarms & Heat Rise Detectors Bristol and Bath

Do you want to improve the fire safety alert systems in your home or premises?

Need a new smoke alarm or heat rise detector?

Gregor design and install complete fire safety alert systems for homes, including smoke alarms and heat rise detectors.

Choose between traditional budget smoke alarms running on ionisation technology, and today’s cutting-edge optical systems that cut down on false alarms.

Our electrical team can install and maintain these and other devices that help you to protect your family and home.

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NEST Protect

We also offer the sophisticated and versatile NEST Protect system, which combines smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with smart lighting and location-specific warnings, allowing you to identify where smoke has been detected immediately and investigate whether it could be a serious incident or is just another harmless case of burnt toast.

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About Smoke Alarms

If positioned correctly, smoke alarms can help you detect the onset of a fire in your home by monitoring for the presence of smoke and sounding an alarm signal if it is detected. There are three common types of Smoke Alarms:

  • Optical – Light beam technology that responds well to smouldering fires
  • Ionisation –  Ionisation technology that responds well to flaming fires
  • Combined – Both optical and ionisation technologies

Mains powered alarms should be installed by a qualified electrician.

Smoke alarms must be properly maintained and tested at regular intervals.

About Heat Rise Detectors

Heat Rise Detectors are fire alarms that respond to a change in room temperature. There are two basic kinds, Fixed Temperature and Rate-of-Rise.

Fixed Temperature detectors aim to go off when a room’s temperature crosses a defined threshold. Rate-of-Rise detectors respond to a defined increase in room temperature in a specified period.

Heat Rise Detectors should be used to supplement smoke alarms in areas of your home such as the kitchen where the normal environment might cause a smoke alarms to go off accidentally.