Your boiler and central heating system are in almost constant use throughout the year

At Gregor Heating, we offer a number of pro-active maintenance services to help prolong their life and reduce the chance of serious faults affecting them.

Please contact our dedicated team to arrange for any of the following services:

What is a Magnetic Chemical Flush / Powerflush?

A Powerflush involves flushing out your pipes and radiators with a mixture of water and chemicals to remove the sludge (a mixture of rust, limescale and other water-borne chemical residues) that can build up inside them over time.

A Magnetic Chemical Flush is a quicker, less intrusive alternative to a Powerflush. It also has in-built magnetic filters, to capture sludge.

Our service team will advise you of the best option for your system.

What are system filters?

There are two main types of system filters:

Magnetic filters

Gregor Heating can fit a system filter to your central heating system to strip out the ferrous elements of sludge and allow them to be disposed of.

The iron-based elements of sludge are magnetic, so we use a magnetic system filter to achieve this.

You may want to filter the water running through your central heating system if:

  • Your central heating piping has previously clogged up with sludge, or:
  • Your central heating piping is at risk of clogging up with sludge because of the quality of your local mains water.

It is always recommended to have a system filter fitted after a Magnetic Chemical Flush or Powerflush in order to collect any residual debris left in the system and reduce further build-up in the future.

Inline cold main limescale filters

Limescale filters can be fitted to reduce scale within the system.

Gregor can fit these on the cold water main pipe into the boiler.

What is water sampling?

Water sampling means taking samples of the mains water in your central heating system and checking its condition by testing it for chemical content.

This can give useful diagnostic information on chemicals that may be affecting the energy efficiency and performance of the system.

Poor water quality can impact the longevity and efficiency of the boiler.

Our engineer will take a sample for testing. Once the results are available, we can advise on appropriate action.

What is Thermal Imagery useful for?

Thermal Imagery is used for highlighting cold spots within your heating system (especially radiators) and any possible leaks.

This can be particularly useful when you have underfloor heating.

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Taking active steps to maintain your boiler will help later on and potentially save a great deal through identifying and solving issues early. Get in touch with our team to arrange one of these preventative services. Call Gregor today on 0117 935 2400 or 01225 738 397.