Solar Energy Storage Installations Bristol and Bath

Solar Energy Battery Storage Installations

Do you need battery storage to get the most juice from your solar panels?

Tired of wastefully exporting energy to the National Grid?

Gregor can help!

We install battery storage devices for solar PV systems and other renewable energy systems throughout the Bristol and Bath area, chiefly the PowerFlow Energy Sundial system.

Benefits of PowerFlow Energy Sundial

The PowerFlow Energy Sundial is a modular battery storage system that works with PV (Photovoltaic) Energy.

The Sundial system runs on extra-low-voltage Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology, which is considerably safer than conventional lithium ion batteries.

There are now several different modules available, individually boasting 1, 2, 6 and 8 kilowatt hours of energy storage capacity. Depending on your needs, they can be combined to provide up to 32 kWh.

The Sundial helps you get the best from your existing solar power installation, making sure that more of the energy your solar panels generate is saved for your use instead of being exported back to the National Grid.

The Sundial system is rated by the manufacturer for an expected lifetime of fifteen years, with a 10-year warranty on battery performance and a 5-year warranty on the electronics.

Why Choose Gregor to install the Sundial system?

A qualified electrician is needed to install the system. Gregor are an approved installer of the Sundial system, so you get the maximum guarantee when we install the system.

We can install the PowerFlow Energy Sundial system in homes throughout the Bristol and Bath region. People often ask Gregor for this service, and we are happy to oblige.

For more general information on solar energy battery storage costs and benefits, see the information file of the Energy Saving Trust.

Solar Energy Water Storage Installations

Gregor also supply and install water storage devices and controllers that divert excess solar energy production to your immersion heater or other heating device. We recommend the immerSun and the PowerFlow E.R.S. 4.0.

Benefits of immerSUN

An immerSUN box helps you to get more out of your Solar PV system or other renewable energy system by helping you to use more of the electricity it produces and reduce the amount you buy in from a third party supplier.

Compatible not only with solar PV but also with wind turbine and hydro-electric power, it works by monitoring your alternative energy generation system and diverting surplus electricity to your immersion heater to generate hot water. This surplus energy would otherwise would be exported to the national grid.

The only requirement is an immersion heater with a dedicated circuit to the same Consumer Unit as your Solar PV system.

Excess electricity can also be diverted to alternative heating devices.

  • No impact on your existing PV installation
  • Small unit size (30 * 30 cm)
  • Built-in hot water boost timer
  • Estimated 3-5 year payback time on initial cost*
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Winner of Environment Product Award at Environment and Energy Awards 2015
  • Shortlisted for Sustainability Product Innovation at Sustainability Leaders Awards 2015.

* Source: immerSUN (

Benefits of PowerFlow ERS 4.0

An alternative product to the immerSun is the PowerFlow E.R.S. 4.0. This solar energy output controller works together with your solar PV system to power your immersion heater, electric storage heater, electric underfloor heating, or oil-filled towel rail.

Features include:

  • Controls and recovers up to 4 kW of power output
  • Ultra-compact unit size (25 * 17 * 5 cm) and low weight (1.9 kg)
  • Built-in computer chip uses an intelligent control algorithm that reacts fast and appropriately to changing levels of power generation to get the most efficient use of the available power
  • Operational efficiency up to 98%
  • Customisable operation, with clear, easy-to-use external controls
  • Timed manual boost function for rapid water heating when wanted
  • High standard of quality control, with each unit individually calibrated and tested
  • Durable construction, with sealed enclosure and convective cooling design to protect the internal components from heat, moisture and dust
  • 3-year standard manufacturer’s warranty, extendable to 5 years on product registration
  • Can be used together with the Sundial system if wished

Why choose Gregor to install your PowerFlow ERS 4.0?

We are an approved installer, so you get the full guarantee on the system when we install it.

Call Gregor today on 0117 935 2400 for a free discussion and advice on all your solar PV battery storage and water storage needs!