Happy Solar PV System

Happy to recommend Gregor to anyone

With a background in electronic manufacturing – and with environmental considerations in mind – Nigel Burtt had been thinking for a while about a solar PV system. Following the introduction of the Government Feed-In Tariff scheme, and further detailed research, he set about obtaining a number of quotations from installers and from these Gregor Heating was chosen to carry out the work.

With a south facing aspect the 2003 house is ideally situated for a solar array, however, gables at either side of the roof interfered to a small degree with the sun’s reception. To offset the shading effect, Richard Blackmore, Gregor Heating’s renewable energy specialist, recommended an eight-panel array capable of producing 1.44 kwp (killowatt peak) energy, to be placed between the two gable roofs.

To Mr and Mrs Burtt’s delight, installation of the Grant Monocrystalline panels and connection to the existing household electrical systemwas completed in just one day. Further, they found the Gregor engineers friendly, carrying out their work in a clean and tidy manner.

Commenting, Nigel Burtt acknowledges that a PV installation is a long-term investment and that one needs to want to do it for more than just financial reasons. However, he felt that the uncertainty of future energy prices and the Government’s FIT initiative, together with the added value to the property, made solar PV a viable consideration.

And, he added, he is happy to recommend Gregor to anyone.