We recently worked with the South West Housing Society to provide 10 of their properties based in Stoke Fleming with new heating systems. Since the village is an off-gas area, the properties were fitted with wet central heating systems and oil fired boilers which were nearly 20 years old! We upgraded each home with a wall mounted external Grant Vortex oil boiler, solar cylinder and 2 solar thermal panels.

The residents are thrilled with their new external heating systems since they allow for more space inside their homes which was once taken up by large oil fired boilers. What’s more, thanks to the new heating systems and the energy saving controls we installed, their bills are much lower.

Chief Executive of the SWHS, Donna Johnson, complimented our hard work and told us ‘I have worked within the social housing sector for many years and it is rare for me to come across quality and clear pride in workmanship as I did on my recent visits. So thank you for having worked with us in the spirit in which we seek to deliver services ourselves.’

At Gregor we really pride ourselves on our quality of service and it’s incredible to have our hard work recognised. From the initial installation, we have been contracted for 10 years of servicing and will be there for the residents if they ever have any troubles!