“FREE” Solar PV is popping up everywhere, but what does it really mean for you?

At Gregor you won’t find us offering “FREE PV” because we believe that YOU should be the ones benefiting from a full return on your investment. On average you can expect a 10-12% return on your initial investment, not only this but it is index linked for 25 years, compare this to the best ISA on the market today and it’s a whopping 6-8% more! We think that’s huge!

There really has never been a better time to invest in Solar PV on your home, the recent reduction in the FIT scheme (Feed-in Tariff) has also seen a reduction in the installation cost, meaning you’ll see a return on your investment sooner!

For full information on Feed-in Tariffs visit the DECC, Department of Climate Change website 

To make the most of the PV price drop and take advantage of the new 21p/kWhr feed-in-tariff, call: 0117 239 8525 and speak to our team of Renewable Energy experts.