With winter on its way here are a few things you can do to ensure your home stays warm, dry and comfortable during the coming months…

Protect your pipes

Colder winter weather increases the chances of your pipes freezing and bursting. You can reduce the risk of this however by using the frost protection settings on your boiler and heating controls and by insulating your hot water tank and any pipes near the outside of your home. Find out more. Remember, if you do experience a frozen or burst pipe, the first thing to do is to turn off the water supply!

Look after your guttering

During Autumn and Winter, leaves, dirt and other debris can collect in your guttering increasing the risk of water overflowing and damaging your property. Reduce the risk by using gutter guards, pipe protectors and similar and by regularly inspecting and clearing your guttering throughout the colder months. Always take suitable safety precautions when inspecting guttering in hazardous areas.

Service your boiler

Well we would say this! However the fact is that a full annual boiler service can prevent the nasty shock of a boiler breakdown and an unwanted repair bill. It also helps ensure your boiler is in tip top form and working as efficiently as possible. Not to mention that a full annual service by a properly qualified engineer is a requirement of many manufacturer’s warranties. Contact us to find out more.

More tips to follow in future posts…