Homelessness in Bristol is a real issue and we are pleased to see that Bristol City Council has adopted a five year strategy which aims to eradicate homelessness in the city and tackling homelessness as one of its key priorities.

Here at Gregor Heating our staff members try to do their bit over the years having supported Help Bristol’s Homeless both on-site with the building of containers and by donations of clothing and food to them and also to St. Julian’s, The Crisis Centre and Wild Goose Café and St. Mungo’s, to name a few.

While there are lots of charities and other organisations in and around Bristol and the region that are all doing their bit, there is still an estimated 20,000 people sleeping on our streets every night.

Worryingly the number of homeless deaths in Bristol in 2017 was the joint highest number in the UK with 17 deaths recorded and 69 deaths in the five years since records began. And did you know that the average age at death was 45 years for males and 43 years for females.

Makes you think doesn’t it?

We have recently been helping a charity based in South Glos called Help Homeless Bristol. This team lead a community group of volunteers who donate toiletries, sanitary products, clothing, sleeping bags, hot and cold drinks and Greggs vouchers to people on the streets.

They go out on a Saturday night into Bristol city centre starting at 8pm outside McDonald’s (Cabot Circus), then walk to Sainsbury’s in Broadmead, up Union Street and down Corn Street giving out all the donations received.

With the cold weather setting in, our staff have already donated three large boxes of food and clothing, or money that collectively bought £35 worth of Greggs vouchers (each worth £5) to hand out.

We will be collecting items throughout the winter season, so if please feel free to donate any goods or cash towards a Greggs voucher.

They especially need the following items:

  • Small packs of wet wipes
  • Cereal bars, chocolate bars, crisps and biscuits (all must be individually wrapped)
  • Plastic zipper bags
  • Men’s socks (new)
  • Sleeping bags (used is ok but need to be washed please).

It’s true that every little bit helps.