Often heard before he is seen, our renewable installs manager, Craig Broadbear loves to sing and this passion is played out through a completely different side line outside of his day job at Gregor. 

Craig loves a bit of ‘am dram’. An accomplished actor and singer, he reckons he’s racked up appearances in over 50 musicals during his illustrious career.

“My passion for amateur dramatics started when I was 19” he explains. “I was surprised at the standard of my then girlfriend and her acting company. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was auditioning and had joined the chorus line.”

Curly in Oklahoma was his first lead role and he has played at least 20 lead roles since. Craig has also acted in plays but says his favourite role was the lead of Adam in “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” that ran at the Bristol Old Vic for a week. 

“The biggest commitment to my hobby is time,” he says. “We do a couple of different productions a year that each run for a week, but the amount of preparation involved is huge. Working as part of a small theatre company,(Bristol Musical Comedy Club BMCC) we all have to muck in. It’s not just taking on the role you’re given, it’s the set, behind the scenes support, you name it we do it. But it’s what I know and love so it never feels hard.”

He says his biggest challenge is learning his lines. “The bigger the part the more lines you learn, so that’s when downtime in the van driving from job to job is handy. When I’m learning a script I go through the lines over and over and over again.”

Finally, we are not sure how he finds the time but he plays the acoustic guitar and sings in a five-piece rock ‘n’ roll band too.

To support Craig you can follow his company online @BMCCProductions.