Holy Trinity Church (HTC) Combe Down is a vibrant church on the outskirts of Bath.  The building is a Grade 2 listed church that can seat up to 300 people for weekly services, weddings, funerals, concerts and school plays.

The existing heating system was constantly breaking down so the church needed a new heating solution that would be simple to use, heat the church up quickly when needed and be energy efficient.  The team at HTC wanted to make sure that they can confidently offer a reliable and warm environment for all occasions at the Church.

The experienced team at Gregor Heating went to complete a site survey of the church and assessed the current boiler, underfloor heating and electric controls

On conclusion our recommendation was to remove the current boiler and replace with two Vaillant Eco boilers working simultaneously to provide back up if the other boiler was to stop working which was an essential requirement of the church – and tidying up the existing pipe work.

To help ensure maximum efficiency we installed 4 zoned thermostats around the church providing simple heating controls to ensure the areas being used are warm without having to heat up the whole building.  And finally, the team investigated the existing underfloor heating system rectifying various  leaks .  On inspection they found it needed additional  pumps to help the flow which solved the problems  

Chris Stone, Caretaker at HTC said:

“When looking to do the work I got in three like-for-like quotes, but what I was looking for was a system that would be simple for any Tom, Dick or Harry to follow.  Gregor quoted the best and had a great understanding of what we needed, having spoken to many members of the Gregor team I trusted them to stick to their word, which they did and provided such a fantastic service.’

“Once the quote was approved, Gregor installed the new boiler system in two weeks.  The team had to get planning permission to create a new Flue but once that was obtained Gregor did a great job of getting through the very thick wall to install it. 

“For the service of the underfloor heating, the Gregor team were given keys to come and go as they pleased to check the flow of the water and how it was working.  This was something that took a few visits to make sure that there were no leaks.  Once determined it was suggested that the current pump wasn’t enough to get the water around the surface area needed.  Gregor then installed two new pumps to support the original and this got the already in place underfloor heating working to its best capacity.

“Once the boiler and underfloor heating had been installed and upgraded.  The Gregor electricians came onsite to install four thermostats around the building.  The thermostats were all wired back to the main panel and were set up to control the heating in certain isolated areas of the church.

Steve Gregor said; “It was a pleasure to be able to work on such an important community project.  Using our highly trained engineers, they advised and installed the very best boilers for this Grade 2 listed Church and got the already in place underfloor heating working back to how it should be!  Finally adding in the thermostats allows any of the team or congregation at Holy Trinity to control the heating of the church in a simple and efficient way.”

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