As we enter into the cold Autumn months, we’ve noticed there has been a lot of worried talk throughout the news about the rising cost of energy and of heating your home. In response, here are a few tips that could help you save money this winter…

Make the most of your heating controls

Your boiler’s timer or programmer allows you to set when your heating comes on and when it goes off. Make sure you use it to ensure that your space and water heating are on only when you need to them to be on and that you are not burning fuel unnecessarily.

Turn down your room thermostat by just 1°C. It’s unlikely you’ll notice the difference but the Energy Savings Trust reports it could save you up to £75 year.

If you want full control of your heating from wherever you are, new Smart Thermostats connect to the internet and let you control your heating remotely with your smartphone, tablet or computer. They are quick to install, a survey is not usually required and they help you to implement more precise and personalized heating schedules and so heat your home as efficiently as possible.

Get your boiler serviced

Getting your boiler serviced annually can save you money as it reduces the risk of boiler breakdowns. In addition to a service, powerflushing your central heating system can prevent increased energy bills because it clears the debris in your system that are making your boiler work harder.

Cut your electricity usage

An obvious trick to save money is to turn your lights and appliances off when they are not needed. We are all guilty of accidently leaving them on but the Energy Savings Trusts reckons this alone could save you £15 on your annual energy bills.

Another excellent way to cut your energy bills and help to save the planet is to swap your light bulbs. Click here to read a simple explanation of a few of the different options available.

When it’s time for a brew make sure you only use your kettle to boil the water you need. The Energy Savings Trust estimates that by only boiling the water you need as opposed to filling up the kettle every time you could save around £7 year!

Don’t cover your radiators

Never put anything in front of your raditors and that their surrounding areas are always clear. Putting furniture in front or covering radiators with long curtains will block the heat, reducing your comfort levels. if your radiators are fitted to an outside wall fixing reflective foil on the wall behind them can reduce heat loss through the wall.

Use draught excluders and curtains

Using draught excluders can cut the heat loss through doors, windows and letterboxes. Lined or heavier fabric curtains can also provide excellent insulation just don’t let them cover your radiators.

All these little points, when put into action could save you a lot on your energy bills. Give it a go and let us know if you notice a difference!