FiT estimated cash back: £1300

Name: Mr & Mrs Alvis
Location: Wick, Bristol
Type of Property: Detached Cottage
Roof area covered: 19 sq meters
Annual generation: 3089 kWh
FiT estimated annual cash back: £1300

Are you pleased with your new installation?
Yes – very, Gregor were extremely helpful and organising the installation was very simple. Although there were some set backs with the scaffolding the whole process only took 2 and a half days to complete and the end result is actually quite aesthetically pleasing.
Plus we have already seen a £97 return in the first 2 weeks!

Why did you decide to install a renewable energy system?
What made you choose [PV]?

We’ve always been a fan of new technologies and with fuel prices on the increase Solar PV seemed like the perfect solution. We looked in to various renewable energy systems but the age of the property meant we would have struggled to get a heat pump fitted. The roof designated for the panels cannot be seen from the road, and with the level of attention paid by Gregor in the installation the final product does not detract from the house appearance, only enhance it.

What made you decide to choose Gregor as your installer?
We did our research and sourced quotes from competitors, one of which was based in the midlands! Having seen the Gregor vans working on our neighbours property and hearing how pleased they were with their installation, we arranged a meeting with the Gregor energy specialist. We were keen to work with a local company and knew from this first visit that our investment was in the best hands.

How did you find the overall service/experience of your Gregor energy expert?
We got on very well with the team of renewable energy experts who advised us and kept communication open throughout the install. They fitted in with our lives and any questions we had were answered efficiently and with expert knowledge.

Are you pleased with how much you will save and earn under the Feed in Tariff scheme?
Yes – all the figures we have seen so far look promising, and although we have only had the panels installed for 2 weeks we have already seen a £97 return! With bills on the increase we are looking forward to seeing the annual return from our initial investment.