The latest organisation to benefit from the Gregor Community Fund is Up From The Streets, a voluntary organisation that has been helping homeless people around Bristol for over 20 years.

Up From The Streets aims to help tackle the effects of homelessness and help prevent people from becoming homeless. They provide shelter, clothing, food and bedding to those in need but it’s about more than just providing items. They also provide education, support and advice to help people stay independent and not always rely on the support of the volunteers.

The volunteers also look to give something back. For example, Simon, runs a wood skills workshop and, using recycled wood,  creates items for people in need to use such as tables and chairs. The workshop also offers an opportunity for others to learn how to make their own items using the tools provided.

As Up From The Streets is a voluntary organisation, it relies on the good will of others. Their application to the Gregor Community Fund resulted in a donation of £100 of Wilko vouchers that will help the volunteers buy those in need the basic materials such as kitchen utensils and toiletries that others may take for granted but are so integral in day-to-day life.

Jim Kinnard, Treasurer of Up From The Streets, told us, “Gregor’s donation will make a huge difference to people who are in desperate need. Using the vouchers, we will be able to provide homeless people with basic household essentials that may not seem significant to others but does make a difference our volunteers.”