Being a community based company it made sense to sponsor the ‘Community Hero’ category of the 2013 Gold Star Awards . The awards have been running for 19 years and honour local heroes that include life-savers, carers, charity fund raisers and environmentalists.

The worthy ‘Community Hero’ winner was Jessamine Skuse (pictured with Steve Gregor and Mike Norton, editor of The Post) after she helped to rescue a neighbour from his smoke-filled flat.

The 92-year-old woke up and found smoke coming from the flat of her next door neighbour, Evan Davies. She raised the alarm and, despite being only 5 feet 3 inches tall, she managed to help six feet tall Mr Davies get out of the flat just as fire broke out.

Miss Skuse, from Knowle, was told by firefighters that she had saved Mr Davies’ life. She said: “A few minutes later and the fire could have filled the whole flat.”

Photo: Local World

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