In the ‘spirit’ of Halloween, we’ve been dressing up and our engineers have been telling us all about the D.I.Y horror stories they’ve experienced over the years. Here’s just one of the horrors we’ve heard…

“We arrived at the scene to service a gas boiler, only to find that the homeowner (not a Gas Safe engineer!) had given the installation a go themselves.

As a result, the boiler was attached with a radiator bracket that could have come away at any time – tearing the gas pipes with it!

It had also been installed without a proper flue – the acting flue ended with a simple extension pipe sticking out of the wall – risking exhaust gases not being properly evacuated.

Luckily for all concerned, we were able to safely reinstall the boiler quickly!”

This was a lucky escape for one person. Never try to install or fix a boiler yourself, it’s not worth the risk – always contact one of our Gas Safe Registered engineers.

Stay safe and have a happy Halloween!

Halloween at Gregor's