The hidden dangers of not having your gas appliances serviced

Did you know that every year in the UK, more than 200 people go to hospital with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning, which leads to around 50 deaths? It is a highly poisonous gas. You can’t see it, taste it or smell it, but it can kill quickly with no warning.

That’s why we think it’s so important to spread the word about gas safety and support Gas Safety Week. Taking place from 18th – 24th September 2017, Gas Safety Week, co-ordinated by the Gas Safe Register attempts to raise awareness of gas safety and the importance of taking care of your gas appliances.

Around 1 in 7 homes inspected in the South West had an unsafe gas appliance last year (Gas Safe Register). Many also don’t realise the importance of having Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms in place to help alert you to the problem because although highly poisonous, it is also odourless.

Our gas service manager explains;

“We often find cases where people have removed the CO alarm and placed them in strange places.

“In one call out there was a beeping coming from the fridge. On closer inspection it was the CO alarm that was still working but the tenants of that property had taken it off the wall and put in on the back of the fridge!

“It was just as well because it was still alerting her to the fact something was wrong. We can’t stress enough how dangerous this can be.

“In any instance you should call a Gas Safe Registered Engineer immediately. were over there as soon as possible.

“On investigation the boiler had a leak and I suspect it hadn’t been serviced by a qualified engineer in a long time. If left, this could have put the resident and her family in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.

“This illustrates how important it is to have your boiler serviced regularly by gas safe registered engineers and a audible CO alarm.”

Paul Matthews, our gas installations manager gives his top tips for installing your CO alarm:

“It’s really important to make sure you have a working and audible carbon monoxide detector installed in every room that contains a fuel burning appliance.

“They should be installed at a horizontal distance of between 1 and 3m from the potential source and visible (not on the top of a fridge!)

“They cost as little as £15 and they’re easy to install – a small cost that save your family’s lives.”

If you’re worried about you gas boiler or haven’t had it serviced this year, please contact the Gregor team today on 0117 935 2400. By taking care of your gas appliances properly you are taking care of your home and your loved ones.