With rising energy costs and a vulnerable energy market, many homeowners are looking to maximise their excess energy generation from their existing solar panel systems.

Earlier this year, we worked with this customer in Bath who has had a Solar PV system for seven years and was looking for help to lower their electric and gas consumption and keep their carbon footprint in check.

After a face-to-face consultation with our renewables team to look at the existing solar panel system, our experts went through all the potential options to come up with a total install package to help meet this customer’s objectives.

We identified that they could harness the excess solar power generated from their PV panels by using a battery backup system with a Solar Diverter.

In this instance the best solution was to use My Energi products due to the versatility in using a battery & hot water storage and also possible future demand for car charging.

We also recommended looking at alternative energy suppliers to help keep costs low.

For example Octopus Energy provide reasonable off-peak rates during the hours of 00:30 until 4am* meaning the battery can be topped on days where excess solar gain is not possible.

The installation of these products require support from qualified electricians and this is where having an all-service team of heating engineers and electricians means we can provide the installation both quickly and easily.

For a project like this, the installation typically takes only one day on site.

Our electrician attended to install the My Eddi (which is linked with My Hub, an app monitoring) and put in a 8.2 Giv Energy linked to a Giv Energy 3.6 AC coupled inverter, to ensure this wouldn’t affect the current feed in tariff. This package will also include a dedicated power supply in an event of a power outage.

In this case the customer works from home two days a week, so the team prioritised the hot water to be charged in the morning with any excess solar power generation to be diverted to the battery.

The battery discharge times can be set so the home benefits from maximum usage from the battery at times convenient to them, helping to consistently reduce running costs.

Once the system is set up, the customer can download the My Hub App onto their chosen smart device and is shown in detail how to monitor and use the system for maximum benefit.

We check in on the customer one month after fitting the system to see how they are doing.

In this case we are pleased to report that their energy costs have been significantly reduced by reducing gas consumption as well storing excess electricity into the batteries for night time use. They reduced their electricity by 50% in a month.

They haven’t explored the off-peak tariffs available yet but said its next on the list to do.

This is all part of the service and why people choose Gregor Heating to help them make the right home heating choice.

Through the Gregor Guarantee, you are guaranteed expert and friendly advice and service to find the right solution to keep you and your home warm & cosy.

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*Tariffs quoted at time of writing.