Installing Solar PV on a natural slate roof

Name: Mr E.
Location: City of Bristol
Type of Property: Natural slate roof
Roof area covered: 16 x Sanyo 240 watts peak panels
Annual generation: 3500 kWh
FiT estimated annual cash back: £1400

Are you pleased with your new installation?
Yes – We are very pleased with the installation, the technical knowledge of our rep was exceptional and we could not fault the service we received from you. The installation went smoothly with not a single hiccup. The technical knowledge from your rep was exceptional and answered all of our questions.

The installation has reached our expectations and surpassed them, so far we have (made/saved) £400 in just 3 months and that was with a poor august. I can see that in the new year it is going to be incredibly valuable and is going to return even more on our investment. We are hoping to get at least 10% back in the first year and inflation should boost this a bit.

Why did you decide to install a renewable energy system?
What made you choose [PV]?

The main factor on our decision on getting PV installed was from seeing the goverment feed in tariff scheme, the FiTs rate were too good not to take up – which has been proven by the recent cuts in the scheme! Although we should still be getting a good return even with the cuts.

What made you decide to choose Gregor as your installer?

We decided to use Gregor because you are a trusted name in the local community, your rates were competitive and we had heard great reports from our friends.

How did you find the overall service/experience of your Gregor energy expert?

Richard did well in helping us register for the FiTs. After the installation was complete Richard was back the very next day to make sure we had all the certification required to prove the install. In fact Richard has been quick to help us with any issues we may have whether they are his responsibility or not!

We would highly recommend Gregor to anyone thinking about installing Solar PV