With winter around the corner many of us are starting to dread our next gas and electricity bills. This doesn’t apply however to our customers, Tim and Margret Wilcox, who we helped build their dream home in Chilcompton, Somerset in 2008.

Tim and Margret wanted a super-efficient, environmentally friendly home and came to us for a Solar PV system and a Solar Thermal system that would provide hot water for their home. We also installed a rainwater harvesting system that diverts water from their guttering into a tank for flushing their toilets.

Several years on, Tim and Margret are in the enviable position of their gas and electricity costs actually being less than what they earn from their Solar PV and Solar Thermal systems being registered with the  government’s Feed-in-Tariff and Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive schemes.

In addition their water bills – based on a meter – are estimated to be down by 60%!

Mr Wilcox told us; “Seven years since the installation and everything’s still working perfectly. Gregor did an excellent job and I can’t quite believe how great the payback has been.”

It’s great to see the real benefits of the renewable technologies we install, in action.

If you’re interested in the latest renewable technologies and would like to discuss the options available to you, get in touch with the Gregor team on 0117 935 2400.

home with solar panels