At Gregor we pride ourselves on employing great people who are passionate about their role and, most importantly, take customer service seriously, making sure the Gregor Promise is maintained ‘We’re not happy until you’re happy’. 

We made no exception when we employed this month’s team member, Ashley Burrowes, our “Jerk King” Engineer.

When we were first introduced to Ashley back in February 2020 we knew he would fit right in! We do quite like to keep things in the family, and Ashley was introduced to us by his brother Marcus, who has worked with us for 14 years.

Ashley had been self-employed for the previous 12 years as a plumber but was looking for career progression and more stability so we were only too happy to help.

Having had lots of hands-on experience we were only pleased to support him to become Gas Registered. This means that Ashley will add to skills he already has and will soon be able to move into a new role as a Gas Boiler Breakdown and service engineer.

Not only does he benefit from getting more qualifications under his belt, but he also gains hands-on experience of working closely with our other gas boiler service team members.  All part of the process to being a fully qualified and competent gas heating engineer.

Of joining the business, Ashley says;

“The Gregor team have been very supportive since I joined and helped me secure my Gas accreditation.  I had heard great things about the business from my brother and was so pleased to be able to have the opportunity to work there.

“Gregor has been great at helping me build my portfolio and best of all for the first time in 12 years I have now got paid holiday!  I look forward to lots more happy years here.”

Outside of Gregor we are pleased to share Ashley’s other passion. He’s known locally as the “Jerk King”, travelling around the country providing top notch food at festivals and carnivals.  What a bonus that we gained a pro in the kitchen, who is so well known for his delicious Jerk chicken.

We can’t wait to try some at the next Gregor staff gathering.

If you are a self-employed engineer looking for stability like Ashley, check out our careers page as we have lots of great opportunities to join our growing team.