In this day and age of Amazon Prime and Google shopping, the one thing in your home you don’t want to buy online is a boiler. With a boiler for your home, it most definitely is not a one size fits all scenario and here at Gregor heating we provide a boiler survey service to help you determine which system is right for your home.

Our boiler survey service involves one of our experienced engineers visiting your property to inspect and present you with the best options for your home. Upon completion of their visit, you will be provided with a quote that includes installation charges so there are no hidden surprises.

Our goal at Gregor is to keep your household heating systems in optimal condition and so recommend once installed you have an annual boiler service to safeguard your home.

We recently talked with our Adam our Domestic Sales Manager to help you get a better understanding of what to expect from our team and perhaps what questions to ask during the survey:

Why is a Boiler survey important?

A Boiler survey is important as it enables us as engineers to make sure you get the boilers that are best suited to your property and more importantly your needs. It also enables us to check positioning for the boiler and that all pipework/flues etc meet regulations. If there are any future plans with the property i.e. extensions we can discuss this with you and incorporate those needs into our survey.

How can a homeowner best prepare for a boiler survey?

Most importantly have the kettle on!  Then practically, have any space around the existing boiler cleared so there is easy access. It’s also a good idea to have the decision maker in the household on hand to answer any questions. Equally if there are planned alterations to the property have the drawing available on the day.

What should a homeowner be looking for when considering installing a new boiler?

First they should be aware of how they currently use their existing heating, i.e. hot water, heating, controls. With that they should also know what their current spend is on gas and any insurance cover they have for their existing boiler. This will help when considering which system is best for their property. I would also advise that they check reviews of any company they are going to use to do the install, such as Which Trusted Trader.

What is something that you would advise a homeowner against doing when looking for a new boiler?

As the saying goes, “Buy Cheap, Buy Twice!” Don’t go for a cheap option or trust online prices. Equally don’t choose a company that isn’t Gas Safe registered. And definitely don’t choose a boiler that is the incorrect size for your property. This is one thing you definitely want to trust the professionals on.

Any other advice that you have for homeowners?

When choosing a boiler, make sure to check the warranty cover and that your boiler is serviced annually. It’s always worth seeing if there are finance options available for the new boiler to spread the cost. And lastly always check to see if there are alternative renewable products available that are suitable for your property.