One of our amazing colleagues is completing a big challenge this month for an extremely worthwhile cause. Here, Wendy Taylor-Suffell, Customer Care Administration Manager bravely shares her story.

“Let me introduce you to my hubby Stu (pictured).  Just over three years ago at the age of 57 he was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer.  Yes 57! That is no age at all, prostate cancer is an old man’s cancer – I hear you say. 

“Yes, it did used to be, but men are getting diagnosed younger and younger. 

“Prostate cancer is the biggest killing cancer in men. 

“11,000 men lose their lives to this disease every year, that is 1 every 45 minutes, this is more than breast cancer.

“A few reasons for this are awareness, lack of a screening process and just men in general that put the symptoms down to nothing.

“Stu had none of the usual symptoms until he was intense pain in his hips and lower back.  That is an indicator that it’s too late and it was.  Any other soft tissue cancer spreads to other soft tissues, not the Prostate.  This cancer spreads through the bones and forms bone metastasis, which can be felt and seen through the skin, weakens the bones and cause intense pain.  Just to give you an idea of how weak the bones can get; Stu coughed and broke a rib.  It was as easy as that!

“This is not a cry for you to feel sorry for me and my hubby as we don’t seek sympathy. Instead, this is a cry for you to raise awareness, listen to yourself (if you’re a man), tell your Dad, Grandad, Brother, Uncle, son, family friend, just anyone.

“Feeling pretty helpless throughout this journey, I wanted to find a way to help what I and many other families are going through.  Watching our loved ones in so much pain, slowly losing their battle to this horrific disease and there is absolutely nothing you can do to make it better.

“So this March I am taking on the challenge of walking 11,000 steps per day – approximately 5.5 miles per day, for the whole of the month, to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer UK. 

“I completed this challenge last year and yes, it was hard and painful, but I was working from home and could go out after finishing work. Stu’s health was better back then too.  This year it going to be harder, I am now out of the house for 10 hours per day and look after the hubster a little more than before. I have set a fundraising target on my Just Giving page.

“Every penny we raise helps keep the research going and the specialist nurses on the end of a phone to help anyone who needs it they are an amazing lifeline for many.

“Thank you for taking the time to read this, and the next time you’re with men in your life, be brave enough to ask them to consider prostate cancer and be aware.”

Wow! what a story thank you to Wendy and Stu for sharing.