Our team at Gregor Heating are here to help people to make smarter choices when it comes to heating their home.

We provide a supply and installation service of all the top thermostats. And if you are an existing Heat:Plan service customer you can benefit from a discount on the installation of a Netatmo smart control.

We also get asked a lot of questions about smart thermostats so we thought it was worth sharing our thoughts.

What are smart thermostats?

Smart thermostats or smart heating controls have been around for over 10 years already! But the technology gets better and better each year and there are now quite a few on the market.  

They are designed to connect your heating system to the internet meaning you can control your heating with your smartphone or device from anywhere, at any time.

Is a smart thermostat the same as a smart meter?

No. We can understand why you might think this and we have had lots of people ask us the same question. But they are not the same thing.

You may have been approached by your energy company to install a smart meter.

This is part of the Government’s current commitment to offer every homeowner one free of charge in order to provide automatic and accurate bills based on your actual energy usage.

It is important to know that smart meters are not compulsory, but if you are interested in having one installed, then you can contact your energy supplier. Or find out more about them here .

 What are the main benefits of using a smart thermostat?

 We think there are three great reasons to have a smart thermostat

  1. You are in complete control

You can manage the heating in your home from anywhere by turning the temperature up or down whenever you need to.

  1. Save money on your energy bills

By being in control of your heating you can make sure you have no unnecessary waste and, in so doing, help to keep your energy bills as low as possible (studies show that it is estimated an average household can save up to 10% on their annual gas bill by using a smart thermostat)

  1. Save time and be really smart

As the technology develops, the smart controls take over. They can learn your daily routine and even track where you are via GPS to turn the heating up or down, whatever is needed and saving you time and money along the way.

How much does it cost?

There are lots of different types of smart thermostats, each with their own benefits. We have listed the most popular ones here.

We only install smart thermostats that we supply. The cost depends on the product you select. For example, if you are already a Gregor HeatPlan customer then we offer a discounted rate on the supply and installation of Netatmo smart thermostats for just £150 (inc VAT).

If you are interested in installing a smart control and not sure where to start, we will happily talk you through which one might be the best to suit you and your home and the costs involved. Just give the team a call today.

As you can see a smart thermostat is just the first step.

Did you know that you can also look at smart devices to manage your lighting and home security link too, but that’s for another blog!