We’ve had a few enquiries from customers regarding delayed boiler services during these strange times. So we spoke to the service team to get some answers to your questions. If you have any more, please get in touch, we are happy to help.

My boiler hasn’t been serviced for over a year? Does this mean the warranty is not valid?

Which? states that in small print of your boiler’s manufacturer warranty is the line that you must have your boiler regularly serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

This means that if it has been longer than 12 months since your last boiler service, the manufacturer could refuse to cover the cost of the repair in the event of any breakdown, but this does vary according to manufacturer.

In extreme circumstances like the Covid-19 lockdown period, if you are behind on your boiler service date by a few weeks, it may be worth giving the manufacturer a call just to double check and book a boiler service appointment with a Gas Safe registered engineer as soon as you can.

Why does servicing your boiler each year make sense?

Well it’s a bit like getting your car serviced. If you have your boiler serviced annually, this generally helps you to avoid big breakdowns and associated costs that are guaranteed to happen in the Winter when you most need your boiler.

That’s why we’d always advise you look to service your boiler in the Spring and Summer months so you’re all set up for Winter and unexpected cold weather snaps.

Going back to the car servicing analogy, it goes without saying that maintaining any appliance regularly helps to save you money in the long run.

A good quality boiler should last for up to 10-15 years. Having the boiler serviced by an expert means they will pick up any problems and fix them there and then, meaning the cost of an annual service as you go overtime is generally less than the cost required in fixing a major problem or having to replace the appliance early.

How can I make sure I never miss a boiler service?

The best way to ensure you don’t miss your annual service is to sign up to a boiler service plan. This means you pay a monthly direct debit and ensures you hand the responsibility of the service plan over to a reliable heating engineer who will remind you when your boiler service is due.

And, even better, it means the cost is covered so you shouldn’t be surprised with any big costs.

There are different plans on the market for different levels of cover, so make sure you do your research. Here is more information about our boiler and central heating service product, Heat:Plan available from as little as £5.99.

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Gregor Heating boiler service engineer